Dec 20th V2RayZ共你賀聖誕新年,附九折優惠碼。V2RayZ celebrates Christmas and New Year with a 10% discount code.


From now until New Year's Day, you can enjoy a 10% discount by using the coupon code Christmas when purchasing.

Nov 17th 訂閱了上不到怎麼解決?請等待若干小時, Why can't I connect to Youtube?

新套餐購買後如遇到上不到Youtube的情況,請等待若干小時後再嘗試,若等待超過6小時仍然無法聯網,則是你的設置有問題。 如需要急用審批,請聯繫Telegram群組的管理員,或郵箱發問題至[email protected]。 If you are unable to access Youtube after purchasing the new ... Read More »